My 2014 Intentions and How To Set Your Own

Serious voice alert. Simple yet important stuff ahead Adventuress:

Setting up an intention for the year is a very empowering thing to do. These words or phrases you choose can guide you through the year ahead. They can help you make decisions and ensure that everything you do is aligned with what you have consciously chosen.

2014 Intentions-2

These are my two Intentions for 2014:

To only do things that are Expansive to me and recognise when contractive/constrictive thoughts are masking an ultimately expansive experience.
~ Let go of limitations and obligations. Grow. Glow. Connect to things greater than me. Abundance. Possibilities.

To let go of desperation for an outcome. To let go of control over everything. To trust I have done everything in my power and then detach. It is not about giving up on something. It is about allowing and surrendering to the process. Stop resisting, start leaning in and trusting.
~ At the moment of surrender, transformation happens. Trust. Faith. Ease. Grace. Greatest good.

Your Turn…
Take a deep breath (or 7). Close your eyes. Tune into your heart. Ask yourself what intentions resonate with you for the year ahead – what would best guide you? What would best help you? Listen.

Acknowledge whatever comes up (some of them may not be sexy but there is a reason they’ve come to mind). You can always change them later. Surrender to this process. If they don’t feel quite right, repeat this process over the next few days. See if the same things come up or different things.

You can’t go wrong! This is your life. Your intentions.

Share with us and inspire others – What are your current guiding intentions for 2014?

Make it as you wish Adventuress!

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