37 Routine Ideas to Help Create a Life You Love

Yup, this is a picture of a typical monthly pamper session I schedule in...

Yup, this is a picture of a typical monthly pamper session I schedule in…

Routines and regularly scheduled activities are some of the foundations of creating a life you love. They can be a mix of the mundane, the inspirational, the creative, the reminders, the planning and the check-in activities that keep your life moving onward and upward.

I wrote a post on Life is Crafted recently cover 37 ideas to use for your daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly routines.

Share with us what is on your routine list below!

Make it as you wish Adventuress!


2 Minute Transformation: From Inner Bitch-Slaps to an Inner Sparkle

Hey Girl (and to the girl inside me),

Underneath the doubts and the fears; below the mistakes and the kicking of yourself; away from the rejections, tears and negativity, you are a shining star. A beautiful unique being.

You may not always see the shine or feel the glow, but it is there.


Whispering to you. Holding your space in the world. You deserve to be here. You deserve to have what your heart truly desires. You are absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. No matter what.

Take this moment to close your eyes and turn in and discover it again. Can you feel it? Even a faint flicker?

Yes. That one. It is there under the layers we pile on.

When something ‘bad’ happens, or you take a backwards step or you do something ‘wrong’, it doesn’t define you.

Remember your inner sparkle. When you’re down, sad or scared, allow yourself to be reminded that you are magical; and perfectly you.

Deep breath…

Wooooooah! Did you need that as much as I did Adventuress?

Thanks for joining me on this little inner adventure.

Make it as you wish,