Life Balance Wheel – Where are you in your life right now?

Ahoy Adventuresses! Let’s go on a Ten Minute Trip into your Life!
The image above shows The Wheel of Life, a really powerful exercise. It will provide you with a birdseye snapshot of where you are in the big areas, at this moment in time.

I often use this with my clients as it provides a clear starting point of where they are at and starts to provide them with insights of where they want to go, where there is balance (or lack of balance!), where they are happy and where their priorities lay.

We don’t need to get into that much detail in 10 minutes, so we’ll be using this tool to see where you’re at now girlfriend!



  1. Grab a blank piece of paper and draw a circle with a dot in the middle and 11 spokes coming out.
  2. Label each of the spokes as per the image above with the different sections:
  • Love – Your romantic relationship. Your lovelife. How happy you are in your relationship, looking for a relationship or flying as a solo superwoman.
  • Family – How your relationship is with your family? Your immediate members – siblings, parents, children.
  • Social/Friendships – How are you feeling around your social activities and friendships?
  • Health/Fitness – Where are you at with your health and fitness in your physical body?
  • Self Image/Love – Self confidence, self esteem, self talk. How are you feeling towards yourself?
  • Spiritual – Your connection to The Universe/God/Higher Power/Something Bigger
  • Giving Back – Your contribution back to society – volunteering, donations, charity
  • Finance – Money levels, financial understanding, savings, budget, investing
  • Career/Business – your studies, job or role, your career path
  • Fun/Hobbies/Interests – Do you have and spend time on things that are fun and add to your life?
  • Personal Development/Growth – your growth as a whole person – emotionally, intellectually, physically spiritually
  • ? – I left a question mark in case you wanted to add an area of your own that is important – ie creativity, surroundings (the physical environment you’re in).

3. Now, rate each section from 1-10. 

‘1’ being ‘holy-moly, it’s crap, a schmozzle I tells ya.
’10’ being ‘blissly divine, so freaking amazing, I’m rocking this area!’
The one is in the center of the wheel and the ten is the outer rim.
Don’t over think it! Just start at one spoke and go around the sections putting an ‘X’ where you feel you are now. Be honest, you can’t lose anything and you won’t get a gold star for all 10s,  you’ll get more out of the exercise with your truthfulness
4. If you want you can connect the dots and it looks like a web and you can clearly see the peaks and troughs.
It is such a simple but eye opening activity! Step one is done!
If you want to take it to the next level, start jotting down or thinking why you gave the score that you did to a particular area.
Make it as you wish Adventuresses!

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