Do your own Month In Review & Here Are My May 2014 Dreams – April In Review

Ahoy Adventuresses! Welcome to May (yes, it is already May – not March!).

Is it time to light a fire under your gorgeous behind? Or to kick up your heels (oooh, are they new?) and celebrate what you’ve accomplished so far?

My heart seriously beats faster and truer when I do life reviews. It gives me a few minutes to acknowledge what I have achieved and experienced in the last week or month. We so often tick things off the to do list and move onto the next inspired action, that we don’t take a breath, do a happy jig or shout out a ‘Whoop-de-doo!”.

Scheduling in time to do a review gives to the blessed opportunity to do so and to actually SEE what you did.

This is why I’m reinstating my monthly reviews… Here’s to lots of Whoop-dilly-dos!

Your power of choice in every moment leads to a luxe life.


  • Finalise my plans for the next couple of months – it’s going to be a huge year!
  • Run a YouTube giveaway to Life is Crafted subscribers
  • Look for some assistance in my business
  • Release the Mid-Year Planner Collection for Life is Crafted
  • Continue a yoga home practice
  • Work on brand clarity
  • Editorial calendar for new blog column – ooh can’t wait to share
  • Lots of events to enjoy, including one with Danielle Laporte!
  • Celebrate my birthday
  • Say sayonara-for-now to Dad as he heads back to Europe
  • Reinstate date nights
  • Work on a new planner product
  • Coaching client love sessions
  • Have a video shooting day – lots of content to share!


  • I had a lovely hair treatment at one of the student hair & beauty schools in Sydney. I have to say, each time I’ve been there the students are lovely and do a great job under supervision. I really don’t experience a lot of rudeness going about my daily business and if I do, my empathetic nature tends to explain it away, but I have to say their admin staff, on 5 separate occasions, could have used a bit more joy in their jobs and lives.
  • Haircut with the same hairdresser I’ve had since my mid-00s sleek bob days.
  • Lovely 1 month anniversary date night with The Man at Darling Harbour. Funnily enough, we didn’t realise we were at the one month mark until half way through dinner
  • Girlie date night with Miss C who is about to pop with her first child
  • 10151909_10151945147942331_8486124616284151637_nWonderful skype catch up with UK based coach extraordinaire Jessica Morrod
  • Dinner catch up with newly engaged couple where we drank smoked beer (hello, bacon in liquid format!).
  • Attended the Women as Entrepreneur’s Women Pitch event – met lots of amazing women and heard inspiring pitches
  • Bookshop meandering – I always get extra inspired because they feel like rooms of possiblities!IMG_2271
  • Girlfriend catch ups with coffee and champagne
  • Tax stuff – yay!
  • Hosted an Instagram giveaway for Life is Crafted
  • Did a massive project braindump
  • 10006549_443679582443890_8548650937040657696_nTrip to Perth for my sister’s 30th birthday
  • Caught up with Perth school BFFs, most of whom I’d seen at our recent wedding, but we hadn’t been in the same city as each other for 16 years!
  • 10259791_10154053754610533_4653731933663553652_nUpdated my About Me and Work with Me page
  • Honeymoon planning… hint… Aloha!
  • Lots of journal writing
  • Working on the Life is Crafted Mid-Year range, lots of post office visits, getting projects organised and coaching clients transformed

Make it as you wish Adventuress! Here’s to a Magnificent May 🙂

Is life feeling same-old, same-old to you at the moment? Wondering what happened to that girl with the hopes and dreams of a life of satisfying excitement? Want the next few months to be filled with more purpose, passion, clarity and luxe life happiness? Schedule in a complimentary 45 minute chat with me now and let’s do something about it 🙂

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