A Life Less Ordinary

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Back in the days before The Man danced into my life and I was a single gal, I remember coming across people’s dating profiles.

So many of them stated, “I’m just a normal guy, looking for a normal girl…” or some permutation of the like.


Okay, so we might not be searching for abnormal, but don’t we want something a little different and unique? And I believe this doesn’t only go for relationships – it is relevant for life in general. We deserve the best.

I want extraordinary.
I want my life full of magic and the ‘impossible’. Of love soaring to heights I didn’t believe true.
I want to be the best I can be. To experience wonderment and awe in my everyday.
To be and see the spectacular and the fantastic.


So how do we do that?

So much of this has to do with our perception of the world around us and within us. We can make ordinary situations into extraordinary ones with how we engage with them.

For example, you can just see a weed growing in an unlikely place or you can see it and experience the wonder of it being able to grow there. You can accept breakfast in bed with a gracious thanks or you can super appreciate it and shower the giver with gratitude and feel how lucky you are to have that person in your life. Notice the difference?

Appreciate how you react to situations and deal with things. Feel you are capable and pat yourself on the back for accomplishing even the smallest things. See then how it makes you feel! We can take for granted our innate abilities or we can look inside and cheer them on ūüôā

Another thing we can do is raise our standards and expect good. If you are forever expecting little out of life or yourself how will you see when great things come along? Raise your expectation bit by bit. Expect good and you will see more of it around you. Yes it can be challenging but give it a go! Trust me – it is worth it! Can you see the good in that?

Are you with me Adventuress?? Make it extraordinary and as you wish!


From Darkness To Light: What are you going to do today girlfriend?

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We all have those days that aren’t so good. The ones where we feel low.

It is okay girl. Things will get better. You may not see the light right this minute but trust me – you will see the sunshine again. It may take time and it will take some effort on your behalf. But when you turn that corner, it will feel even better than before because you know what the darkness was like.

We may or may not know the reasons. If it is fleeting, the Why may not matter.

If it is not so fleeting, talk to someone. Reach out. I’ll bet that at the core it has something to do with not being who you really are. Dig down darling, the answers are all there. Ask yourself questions. Work out what truly makes you happy. Your joy is no one else’s responsibility but yours. You owe it to yourself to explore what makes you tick. It is a journey, a process, a never-ending one. But it is a path that is so rewarding. The start is the hardest. It does get easier but takes effort nonetheless. I’m travelling down that road and am so grateful to be on my way rather than how I was before I started. I am happier, healthier, more real, more in love, more appreciated…more me.

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey along the way. Your life is made up of days. Make everyday something real. Something wonderful. Make a memory. Turn a corner. Laugh at yourself. Call that friend. Give yourself permission. Help that guy. Get to you know more about you. Take a photo. Wear that dress. Ask for that raise. Resign. Read that book. Send that email. Forgive yourself. Forgive your mum. Forgive him. Go to that yoga class. Love yourself. Say thank you. Go after that goal. Say yes. Say no. Listen to that song. Put on your red lipstick and dancing shoes. Live.

I sat down with the intention to write a completely different post. This is what came out instead. Did one of you need it? Maybe I did…

What are you going to do today girlfriend?

Make it as you wish Adventuress,


Do You Hate A Part of Yourself Too?

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Warning! This post goes a little bit lovingly woowoo ūüôā

Is there a part of yourself that you hate? A section of you that you fear will raise its head? Yes, hate is a strong word, but let’s be honest now. Do you have a part of yourself that you hate? I have.

That was hard for me to admit because I don’t hate anything. There is no room for hate in my life. Instead of ‘hating’ I try:

  • to understand with compassion,
  • to see from another point of view,
  • to see through the filter of another person’s experience,
and then to express my opinion and persuade if I feel strongly enough. Ultimately I try to accept others and to let go and let live.
I have no control over other people. I can only change myself (haha, yes, this is frustrating on occasion – I’m only human after all!).
Anyways, back to the hate I have towards a part of me. That part is ANXIETY.
I’ve come to understand it from many different sides and now see it as the desperate Wake Up Call to live the life I was born to live that I truly needed to stand up and pay attention.
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut. I hate how it makes me feel when it rears its head.
In those moments that it wells up in my chest, I hate.
When I fear the world going dark again, I hate.
When it lifts my heart rate and I go into fight or flight mode, I hate.
When it narrows my perspective, I hate.
When I lose my connection to who I know I can be, I hate.
When I feel the world is hopeless, I hate.
When I feel constant fear, I hate.
When feeling some of those, ahem, not so lovely things above the other day I went for a run and chanted to myself, “I am strong, healthy and happy in body, mind and soul.” and then again, “I am strong, healthy and happy in body, mind and soul” and again and again and again and again and again and again.
It didn’t quite connect at the time.
Next I went to yoga for the first time in months. I went through the motions of moving and breathing, trying to focus my distracted mind on the simple (and strenuous!) flow. It felt good to move my body and channel cleansing breath to the stagnant corners of my being.
Finally laying down in Savasana, I was trying to sit with (or ignore – I couldn’t decide which would be better) the anxious fear sensations in my chest.
A thought popped into my head: Send it love.
I’m willing to try anything in those uncomfortable moments, so I did.
I visualised the anxiety as a ball of dark cloud residing in my chest and I told it it was loved.
I felt the fear and told it it was loved.
I saw the darkness and told it it was loved.
I felt the hopelessness and told it it was loved.
I felt and repeated “You are loved”
You are loved
You are loved 
You are loved
You are loved
(Oh my god, big tears are falling as I write this …)
You are loved
You are loved 
You are loved
You are loved
You are loved
You are loved 
You are loved
You are loved
You are loved
You are loved 
You are loved
You are loved
And I felt overwhelming love and compassion for that part of me. Laying there on the mat, in a room full of yogis, I silently cried for the acceptance it felt, for the overwhelming love it finally was receiving. From it being a hated, unwanted, feared, and loathed part of me it had turned into something that I was giving love to.
It felt the love. It felt it so truly and so deeply. So it let go and transformed.
What part of yourself do you hate? Can you tell it is is loved?
Make it as you wish Adventuress
You are loved.
Feel it.