New Life is Crafted Website

I’m currently working on the new Life is Crafted Website with the change in branding and the inclusion of coaching and life design to the planner pages. The launch will happen soon!

If you’re looking for the Life is Crafted shop for planner pages and accessories please visit here

Oh Motherhood, you amazing thing…

Motherhood has been a whirlwind. Giving birth to Riella Poppy in June 2015 changed my life.

Having many friends who have made the transition to motherhood, I’d heard lots of stories and been given many sage tips. My intention was to go in without expectations. To just flow along with whatever happened and to believe I could handle anything that came along.

Well…I learned that that was an expectation in itself!

There have been many, many, many magical moments but I hit some rough spots too and I’m finding my equilibrium again.

I cannot imagine life without her. She has brought an astronomical amount of laughter into an already giggle-filled house. When Grandma takes her for an hour or a day, we gaze at pictures and videos of her (?? Oh god, we’re those people!).

But she is that special and the landscape on this side of life is so different. It is even more important now to do my best. To become a greater version of my imperfect self with the acceptance of who I am now and where I’d like to head given the massive changes that have occurred. Because she looks to me already and I know there is even more of that to come.

So as I fill my well; and as I find my feet again in this amazing life terrain (and become an expert in nappies, vomit and tantrums), I’m coming back to coaching a year later than I expected – in the first third of 2017.

I feel this is important because Coaching is not about me, it is about YOU. And in order to hold a sacred space for you to bloom and flourish, I need to water my garden in the meantime (Can you tell I love flowers with this analogy?!). But not doing on going coaching doesn’t mean I don’t like helping others or hearing from them!¬†Feel free to shoot me an email though to share your thoughts or if you need any info or if I can refer you to an amazing coach in the meantime.

Thank you for your support and your patience. In the meantime, my diary inserts are still out in the world doing their duty.


Life is Like A Bus (and A Box of Chocolates)


My bus analogy for life’s crap…

I was catching the bus a lot while making my daily commute to the admin office (aka the twilight zone and unfortunately not in the vampire kind of way) last year. While sitting there with handbag and jacket piled on me and crossing my legs and balancing my iPad on top of aforementioned mountain of things, I felt the sway and force of every corner.

I noticed that the more I tried to right myself against the turns the more I thought I was going to topple over. On the other hand, if I relaxed and just let the turns move me, I never fell off my seat and the ride became a lot more comfortable (well, except perhaps for the person sitting next to me).

Such a small thing, but I gained such an insight into a life parallel:


By going with it, rather than fighting against it, the experience is actually shorter and smoother.

You might have experienced it when having to do a project you don’t like but have to do. Or you might have been faced with a change ‘forced upon you’ (job redundancy, relationship breakup). By ‘resisting’ it, you make the process a lot more difficult for yourself and it becomes a longer-term shadow hanging over you.

On a deeper level you may be resisting some issue (fear, problem relationship, health concern) going on by ignoring it or suppressing it. Then,when it rears its not-so-pretty head it becomes a much bigger, painful issue than if you had tackled it head on.

Yes, the situation may be painful or uncomfortable but by refusing to accept it it can become a more drawn out, challenging time than if you surrendered into the experience.

Which leads me to a saying that I can now totally relate to:


How have you experienced this in your life? Have you had other instances where you’ve flowed through something, even though it was tough and nipped it in the bud? What was the outcome like?

So next time an issue arises, see if you are resisting it. Or if you could surrender into it and play with it a little to have a better experience through a challenging time. Remember how fun the game ‘corners’ was in the car when you were younger?? It’s like that – lean into the curves. Life’s more fun that way…

Ride life like a bus Adventuresses!